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 Frank Scoblete   The Werewolf

I think just about everyone reading this column knows the basic story of the werewolf, the half man / half beast monster that terrorizes villages, towns and cities when the full moon rises. A werewolf cannot control this inner beast and when the silvery moon bathes him, well, blood is spilled, flesh is shredded, terror reigns; in short, all hell…

 Mark Pilarski   Deal Me In: Rule #1: Check your firearms at the door

Dear Mark: What are your thoughts on having a “generalized” house rules list for home poker play? I play with a friendly group, but at times, it can get testy over rules everyone should already know in advance. For instance, a disagreement ensued once over how many raises are allowed per betting round. We have played for years, but surprisingly,…

 John Grochowski   Stacked symbols and Megabucks

QUESTION: Do stacked symbols, especially the really long stacks, make it easier or harder to win on slot machines?ANSWER: Stacked symbols are a tool used by game designers to create the possibility of large, multiple-payline wins. You might even get stacks of the same symbol on every reel, covering every space on the screen. Then you have…

 Gary Trask   World Series of Poker hosts Town Hall Meeting on Twitch

Touching on a wide range of topics — particularly starting times, payout structures and the colossal undertaking of managing The Colossus for a second year — two of the most recognizable and central faces of the World Series of Poker took to Twitch on Thursday afternoon to conduct a WSOP Town Hall Meeting.Senior Vice President/Executive Director…

 Henry Tamburin   Understanding expected value in video poker

I often use the term expected value (or EV) when I’m writing about the best video poker playing strategies. Even though EV is foreign to most players, smart players know what that term means and how it is determined.EV is a mathematically precise term that represents the average return that you can expect when holding a group of cards in a hand….

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